view at Blackrock Jamaicaview at Blackrock Jamaica

About Blackrock

This hidden Jewel is located on Jamaica’s beautiful East Coast in the Parish of Portland and just 10 miles from the historically and culturally rich town of Port Antonio. The small town of Lower Fair Prospect nestled in a picture-perfect country side is where one can find Blackrock. From the Sea once you locate Booby North Point you have found the cove and the cliff that this 16 acre paradise is located on. Long Bay’s one mile beach is just a mile or so from the property and popular land marks like The Blue Lagoon, Frenchman’s Cove, Errol Flynn Marina and The Famous Boston Jerk Center among other popular nearby destinations.

In the works since 2008, the property is currently well livable with very high-end amenities to make for a comfortable and relaxing stay. The multiple gardens are constantly evolving and home to dozens of beautiful and exotic flowers, trees and other ornamental plant material. A host of tropical fruits and exotic fruits are under cultivation many providing plentiful amounts of delicious fully organic crops.

The property's elevation from sea level can reach heights of 200 feet, and the cliff compliments the oceanside properties with a spectacular view of the Caribbean and a perfect view of the cove it sits behind. One could argue if a better spot exists - to see the spectacular sunrise that brings daylight first to Portland.

The most over the top feature the property offers is our spectacular path that descends from the top of the cliff to a private white sand beach nestled in a very private cove. A golf cart path will enable guests to enjoy all the benefits of a private beach along with a host of swimming and playing options, as well as leisure activities like fishing and snorkeling. What are you waiting for? We know once you visit us we will have you coming back again and again.