staff at Blackrock Jamaicastaff at Blackrock Jamaica

Meet the staff 

Biscuit – My first employee and now years later a very good friend and keeper of the property at Blackrock. A character in all senses of the word and sure to keep you entertained and feeling at home. His efforts over the years have contributed a great deal to what the property is today. Full of energy and it would seem to most that he never sleeps, it is rare to see him not moving about always doing something. A couple note worthy items, if you see him bundle up hat, scarf and fleece know the mercury is down around 70 degrees or a “cold front” as he says is upon us. An avid Domino player that takes the game very seriously, if you’re interested in learning/playing don’t pass up the opportunity as great fun is almost a certainty.

Clement – He joined the team in 2013 with the mission to bring his years of customer service experience to our guests at Blackrock. He worked for Royal Caribbean for 15 years and has an amazing amount of travel experience, it would seem that he has been everywhere! Clement along with his family live just a short distance from the property and he grew up in Boston just a few miles from the property in a community famous for the best Jerk Chicken on the island. Spend any time outside the property and you will notice everyone knows Clement, I would imagine it’s a difficult task to find a better guide while on your stay. He is a good man and a great representative, I’m grateful he is with us here at Blackrock and pleased to call him a friend.

Muta – Joined the family in 2009 and a great addition with his happy spirit and positive outlook. Muta or Jr. has supported the cause over the years working on just about every aspect of the property from construction to ground keeping. He is now keeper of the beach; Muta will always be on hand to insure you are well taken care of. Having worked in Negril he is well rounded and has experience in many aspects of tourism. All guests find him pleasant and accommodating.

Glen – aka Colonel close friends with Muta and came on board the same time in 2009. Like Muta he has contributed on all fronts and has added to what the property is today. A bit reserved but a lot of fun once he opens up. The Colonel responds to whatever duty calls as one would expect from his Nickname.

Howard – Joined us in 2013 essentially a neighbor and the youngest of the group and physically the biggest. Howard works full time on the landscaping and contributes just like everyone else on whatever duty calls for. An avid spear fisherman so if you’re interested in fresh fish he will be the man to see.
dogs at Blackrock Jamaica

If you’re an early riser chances are good you will run into Jackie and or Cheryl both work part time helping out with our K9 family members which keep an eye on the property. I proud of the team that has been assembled I always feel right at home when on the property and positive you will feel the same way.  

A word on the Dogs, our K-9 friends are here to assist with protecting the vast property most of them being guest friendly. I have constructed a kennel that houses and is designed to care for all their needs so for guests that would rather not have the dogs roaming around during the day it’s no problem just let us know. For those who enjoy the company you will find the animals well behaved and fun to be around.