construction at Blackrock Jamaicabeach expansion at Blackrock Jamaica


Since acquiring the property in 2008 and the first project clearing an area to set up tents and the basic needs we have not stopped since. Tents have systematically been replaced by free standing 16 x 16 rooms and today are complete with amenities that provide all the comforts to make your stay a comfortable and memorable experience. The grounds originally a jungle of dense thicket that could not be accessed without a machete and careful steps. Today the property is on its way  to the look and feel of a botanical garden with grass covered paths and an abundance of tropical and exotic fruit trees and a large diversity of plants and flowers. The front part of 2015 brought one of my most courageous projects to a high point enabling anyone to walk down a road to the private beach below once a dangerous and daring decent down a 140’ high cliff. This project has enhanced the overall experience on the property with the ability to access the water whenever in the mood to access to the fabulous blue green waters of the Caribbean.

While we have touched down to water more plans are on the board to enhance the overall area with proper passage to a fishing pier and other comfortable accommodations to make the most of this unique and special feature of the property. In 2017 we have plans to build a half acre natural swimming pool on the cliff front which will be one of the major highlights of the property. This project will also enable us to allow yet another collection of water based plant life to further enhance the properties plant collection and add an amazing fresh water swimming pool to be enjoyed by all who visit.

Other projects well under way are to fine tune and bring to completion the already established helicopter landing pad for those guests who choose to fly in. We are currently starting to plan for a wind and solar project which I hope will one day fully sustain all of electrical needs without the support of the grid. My hope is to also utilize LED lighting to illuminate the entire property.