beach at Blackrock JamaicaBlackrock Jamaica

What to Expect

Jamaica is a beautiful Island country and the Parish of Portland you’ll be visiting on this trip is undoubtedly the most stunning of places on the island. Your destination to Blackrock takes you away from the touristy areas to one of the less developed Parishes in terms of large scale resort destinations.  Stepping out from the airport you’ll immediately feel the warm tropical weather and the hot island sun welcoming you as you leave behind all the hustle and action associated with airports.

The ride in you will find Jamaica is a beautiful island with amazing nature in every direction with unique culture and feel that is hard to describe.Once on the property you're now free to move about as you wish and begin discovering your paradise, as the locals say Relax Mon! The extended back yard is about 16 Acres of well manicured paradise, I expand more on the Relax page. Welcome to Jamaica your new island home!

I can assure you will arrive to a clean well equipped room with a comfortable bed, proper shower with pressurized hot and cold water as well as a modern quite AC and the little things to insure you're comfortable.

With food there is little to worry about and much to be excited about, I discuss in more detail on the dining page and what’s growing page. I will take a little survey on your various preferences and your likes and dislikes to ensure we get things right in the food department. I will also encourage you to take advantage of the amazing fruits and produce we grow in the most organic of ways – more on the Wellness Escape page. 

It’s now on your terms as to what you would like to do and when. If you want to relax and stay exclusively on the property, or be on the move, I talk about some of the possibilities on things to do page.