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Sarandis Karathanasis has been an entrepreneur since leaving High School in 1989 involved in a host of business’s from food service to real estate. He has a New Hampshire Real Estate Broker’s license and was a member of the board of Realtors for many years. Currently a managing partner of The Red Blazer Restaurant, a very successful 500 seat casual fine dining establishment in Concord New Hampshire – established in 2000.

Sarandis is one of the founding members of American Energy Independence Company an alternative energy company located in Pittsfield New Hampshire – established in 2008. Sarandis has received several awards in the area of environmental responsibility and sustainability for work at both The Red Blazer Restaurant and American Energy Independence Company. The Red Blazer earned the status of environmental champions from the NHLRA and leads in setting the bar for environmental responsibility.

One of Sarandis’s most interesting projects is his private residence in Jamaica an ongoing passion still going strong since the purchase in 2008. His passion for Blackrock can easily be seen when visiting this very special private paradise Sarandis lives primarily in New Hampshire and spends as much of his time as possible in Blackrock Jamaica.