bungalow at Blackrock Jamaicabungalow at Blackrock Jamaica


While the whole idea behind visiting my private paradise here in Blackrock is all about avoiding activities and relaxing on your own terms without agendas or schedules. This section is to hone you in on what is available on and off the property. Off the property please take a look at Things to do Excursions for a small sample of what is going on in our area of the island. Naturally, Jamaica is a big island 3rd largest in the Caribbean so the list of possibilities could seem endless but keep in mind time to travel the same distance as say in the US takes far longer based on terrain and roads. For example Negril is a solid 5 plus hour drive at it’s the furthest west side of the island and we are the furthest east. Locals will tell you that Portland the Parish Blackrock is located in is tops the list in terms of beauty and attractions, it’s essentially undeveloped especially when comparing it to Montego Bay and Ocho Rios both tourist trap type destinations. Again, anything you would like to do we will accompany you and ensure we get you to and from safely.

Blackrock is approximately 16 acres and now every area is fully accessible and gardens are interconnected with manicured grass paths/walkways taking you to a variety of great chilling spots like a raised porch sitting cliff front with a spectacular view of an amazing cove and endless view of the Caribbean sea. As you walk around and discover the various areas of the property you will find a bench here a picnic table there a hammock hanging in the perfect spot and of course the most over top feature of this property the easily accessible private sand beach below the cliff on the backside of this special cove. The beach is full sun until about 1 in the afternoon and because of the eastern exposure and how the cliffs are formed makes for a nice shade for the rest of the day. Among other spots is roof top hang out in the front of the property which makes for a great spot to star gaze.

In the end Imagine yourself in a little piece of paradise with nothing to do and no place to be my idea of activities while on vacation here include enjoying a great cup of local Blue Mountain Coffee, reading a book, playing some dominos, searching out for that perfect vine rip piece of fruit, taking a nice swim, basking in the sun or finding that sweet spot in the shade. By now you get the idea Blackrock is all about enjoying the quite passage of time and escaping our high speed life styles. So activities or lack thereof sounds good!