view at Blackrock Jamaicaview at Blackrock Jamaica


I have never liked structured vacations - making you feel like you have to eat at a certain time or make other moves at designated times. My vision for the property and the destination is to allow guests to relax and unwind on their terms eating when they feel like it and doing what they want when they want. Many guest like cooking on occasion - weather preparing their own breakfast, brewing their own coffee, blending their own fruit drink or in some cases baking their own bread. The whole idea is to do what you want and how you want so just communicate preferences and we will take care of clean up and or cooking depending on your mood.

I always like taking our guests on one or two excursions while staying with us - generally a beach visit which includes lunch and a rafting trip which we then stop for lunch afterwards this provides a little culture and helps mix things up a bit for those who choose. We always like to introduce some of the island's best Jerk chicken to guests - so weather we bring it back to the property, or take you on a quick ride to the Jerk center to add in some culture the choice will always be up to you.

The staff loves to introduce our guests to the very best fruit smoothies more often than not with fresh fruits grown on our property. In addition, we love preparing tried and true cultural favorite like fried plantains(a favorite of mine and many others) as well as others like fried breadfruit and a host of other special treats from the property. Generally speaking there is almost always a large assortment of fresh fruit growing everywhere that can be eaten out of hand like bananas in many varieties, soursop, pineapples, titi apples and star apples just to name a few.

Want to use your vacation to get on a new track with better eating habits? This is the place to do it. You can start your morning with a cup of what locals refer to as "bush tea" – a power mix of all natural greens cut from the property and boiled, I guarantee few have access to such fresh and powerful medicinal plants. You will find most of the locals extremely fit and healthy and rarely do you hear of ailments we hear about or deal with in the western culture. Organic takes on real meaning here in Blackrock.

In the end the last thing to worry about is food, I will ask you some questions on dining preferences to ensure we have all the basics covered and we will try to introduce to you as much of what the property has to offer as well as to traditional local fare.