bungalow with flowers at Blackrock Jamaica


Often our lives are set on high speed rushing from one commitment to another without taking a step back to take care of ourselves. Unfortunately, taking care of ourselves is often put on the back burner and we prioritize all things of lesser importance. They say take the time to sharpen the blade, our stressful and regimented lives are often combined with poor eating and sleeping habits that results in not only a dull blade, but a dull spirit. A week at Blackrock will rejuvenate your senses, help you find your center and provide you an amazing opportunity to be good to your body, mind and spirit.

This 16 acre private paradise makes for a perfect place to forget about time and do as you wish with a complete focus on you. With an array of great chill spots ranging from a roof top to a private beach, you can decompress and enjoy the quiet passage of time without a worry. With an amazing assortment of tropical fruits and other medicinal plants,  organic takes on a new meaning - providing you with the very best delicious and nutritious produce to treat your body to the very best tasting and healing foods available. Escape and discover my private paradise and make it your own, I know you will not be disappointed.