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Getting Hereshell

Once you have decided to visit Blackrock, I will be more than happy to help you find the right flight and guide you on best times to travel. I will guide you with a detailed outline of how to efficiently work through customs and immigration, leaving nothing to the imagination and insuring the travel aspect goes smoothly and stress free.

Clement will be waiting to scoop you up at the airport to tackle the last leg of your travel to Blackrock. Clement will be on the look out for you holding a sign or looking for that familiar face.

Once loaded up, you’re on your way! Clement will have some cold beverages and a few snacks for the ride in. You’ll also have a first rate tour guide with a wealth of knowledge about the island and a whole lot of other places from his 15 year career with The Royal Caribbean Cruise lines. Want to know about something?  Just ask!  A good conversation always make for a fun ride! The ride in, depending on which airport and what day part you arrive, makes for an interesting scenic ride while you take in the incredible views and unique culture. I have more details on the History and Culture page.

Driving in from Montego is mostly on a very good road which can be a bit windy in some areas but the 3 and a half hours it take to get to the property goes relatively quick between the sights and all that goes with discovering a new culture and a beautiful country. In the Preparing For Your Visit section, I have a few tips gathered from my 40 or so trips over the last 20 years or so.

From Kingston, figure usually 2.5 hours – it's closer, but a slower, bumpier ride as this is the last stretch of old road still under construction from Kingston to 15 miles beyond the property to Port Antonio.

See Our Location and Map page for a better visual and Idea of location and the various territory you cover. When asked my preference on airports, I always respond it makes no difference. Kingston lacks the touristy feel as it's more of a business airport and Mo-bay is a bit farther but a smoother drive and involves going through the major tourist areas of Montego bay and Ocho Rios which can be fun and scenic drive.

When you arrive, Biscuit will be there to help you to your comfortable room which is well equipped with everything necessary to make for a comfortable stay. I provide more details on the accommodations page.

You will have arrived at my private little paradise and you can immediately get comfortable and feel good as you are now the furthest away from having to leave a place I’m positive you’ll come to love.

The entire staff is here to make you feel welcome and at home so you can begin to discover everything that Blackrock has to offer.