bungalow with flowers at Blackrock Jamaica

Preparing for Your Visit

YOU WILL NEED A VALID US PASSPORT! You will not need a visa arriving from the US unless you plan on staying more than 3 months! So first step - make sure your passport is valid and not expired.

I always like to start by recommending that in most cases the less you bring the more you will enjoy the stay being a private property set in a tropical paradise. Not a lot is needed to make for a comfortable stay. I would encourage a comfortable pair of shoes for your travel dates and getting to and from the property. For your stay and any excursions,  you many choose a pair of comfortable crocks or other summer type beachwear you find maximum comport in such as flip flops or other. The property is large and walking around is inevitable and enjoyable with the right footware.

You will need your bathing suit and mainly light weight summer gear.  The sun is often hot so your favorite hat is a good idea – along with light weight shorts and shirts. The locals call a cold front when it’s 70 degrees with a breeze, so it’s a bit of a stretch but a cotton light weight fleece could be in line if you’re cliff side in the evening during a “cold front.” or cool evening breeze.

Items I would say that add value to the stay: sunglasses, sunscreen protection, camera, your favorite music device, phone for traveling dates, credit card for travel dates, book or e-reader, personal hygiene items including your favorite soap and shampoo. If you’re not checking in baggage, we can provide shampoo, sun screen and other like items that you are not allowed to travel with if you’re not checking a bag and all available on the island if needed.

Items I would not bother with: a large amount of cash – bring just what you will need for souvenirs – I can help you determine what is right. Jewelry including watches, formal shoes or dresswear, jeans or heavy clothing. We provide sheets, towels and such for maximum comfort in all the Bungalows. The fewer non essential valuables you bring the less stuff you need to keep track of making for a worry free stay.

If you are checking a bag and you enjoy a particular liquor I would bring a bottle, or purchase at the duty free in the airports – spirits are very expense on the island. I can also recommend a few things based on your eating and snacking habits if favorites are not available, but keep in mind just about everything is available on the island.