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The average temperature in Jamaica is between 80°F and 90°F, or 27°C and 29°C. Evenings depending on season, can get to temperatures as low as 70°F which the locals will refer to as a cold front. Our properties positioning on the cliffs almost always ensures a nice breeze - the perfect compliment to the hot sunny weather. 

The Parish of Portland is surrounded by by the Blue Mountains which makes for a unique set of climate conditions. This tropical paradise receives more rainfall than any area of Jamaica and any other Caribbean islands. The weather will rarely hinder the fun in the sun as rain will come and go often seeing a rain shower with the sun shinning bright. It makes for the perfect growing conditions and why the vegetation is always lush and green.

Depending on season rain can last for entire day parts with a volume of rain that is hard to believe. The rain offers or forces a truely relaxing experiance, it's an amazing in itself to just hang out and be a part of such an impresive show of nature. The rainiest months in Jamaica are normally May through June, and September through October – the so-called rainy season. Alought, the truth be know "climate change" or whatever the factor may be has changed things up just like most everywere else in the world.

Between the tropical weather the sun and almost always a nice breeze the overall conditions are hard to beat. The Atlantic hurricane season is between June 1 in the end of November. Historically the most active months for hurricanes in Jamaica are August and September. 

All our structures have been designed for all weather conditions the island is prone to. Our property boasts back up power generator and all basic needs to keep our guests comfortable even during a power outage.