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Wellness Escapewhite flowers

Not everyone is interested in taking a vacation with a focus on using the opportunity to pave the way for a healthier life style but this escape can provide an amazing oppportunity. If you wish to use this time to create a few new eating habits or add a few new lifestyle changes, this could provide a great opportunity to do so.

Leaving aside the incredible array of fruits and medicinal plants that grow on this property access to quality unprocessed local foods is readily available. The culture is one that is set with healthy foods and preparation methods and why the locals in large are in such great health. The locals diets consist mainly of fresh produce and locally raised protein sources. In a sense without really trying spending time in this environment and climate just makes you feel good.

Mind, Body, Spirit, our property is a perfect place to find your center. Blackrock offers a distraction free environment with a backyard that offers all the soothing sounds of nature in a jungle/garden setting with a stunning view of the Caribbean from atop a cliff. Add in a private beach and you have found a little piece of paradise.