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Why Jamaica

My first trip to Jamaica was back in the early days when free time was rare, I found an atmosphere that lent itself to relaxing and as unhurried as you can find.  Of course, I can’t say that every trip went without a hitch or didn’t have its challenges. My first trip was around 1995 and both the company I was traveling with and the place we ended up was not so good. As visits multiplied, I  learned more about the people, their culture and  the different cool places. After more than 30 visits mainly to Negril the very beautiful west end of the island, I took seriously the thought of one day owning a property on the island and a dream to build a custom little seaside shack on the cliffs. With the idea of looking to pursue land, I started about a mission to see other parts of the island to ensure I found just the right spot. With a curiosity I would have never thought would turn into such a passion gardening was an important backdrop and one of the big reasons I ended up in the Parish of Portland. After a search that lasted approximately 10 years, I discovered or otherwise stumbled upon the land that I would later purchase. In 2008, I would realize my dream of land ownership in Jamaica. To this day, I sometimes feel that Jamaica chose me more than I chose Jamaica, however it happened, I’m very glad it did and I'm now able to share my private paradise with others..