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History and Culture

My first trip to Jamaica was to Negril in 1995 and the truth is, it was not a great first experience not from lacking beauty but specifically to accommodations and location. As things would come to be in subsequent visits after learning to navigate and after meeting quality locals the island became a frequent vacation spot. On one visit the thought of acquiring land on the island became a  serious pursuit and after much consideration and despite really liking Negril it only made sense to see other parts of the island before making the big decision to acquire a property.

In subsequent visits I would venture off to various parts of the island from the popular tourist attraction of Montego bay, Ocho Rios and the south side of the island. After visiting dozens of properties I discovered the parish of Portland and almost immediately knew this would be where I would refine my search. The parish has a unique look and feel as it’s not developed like other parts of the island and is best suited for the farming conditions which were very important to me. The Parish of Portland outside of it’s rich history as it relates to the island was also the favorite spot of the late actor Errol Flynn who essentially had acquired thousands of acres of land in the area and whose home you can see from our property.

As fate would have it while looking for another property, I would stumble across Blackrock and in a series of ups and downs would finally realize my dream to own property in Jamaica. As they say the rest is History!

Culturally speaking the island or more specifically the parish of Portland where Blackrock is located is like living in the country. The small towns are made up of people who all know one another and move about unhurried. Most take up their days focusing on the basic needs of survival in the hustle and bustle of this small caribbean country.

Traditions are followed and beliefs are held closely, I can't imagine not mentioning music as the island needs no introduction since Bob Marley put it on the map many years ago. It would be hard to go any distance without music in the backgroud or someone busting a move.

Dominos, Cricket, School Uniforms, Jerk Chicken, Red Stripe, Palm trees, Rasta, Respect, Wagwan and Bambaclot are just a few things that come to mind when I think of Jamaica. Wagwan in their lingo Patwa would mean whats going on. Bambalot can be heard when disagreement breaks out or some drama is needed in the conversation. Bumba meaning butt and Clot meaning wipe or cloth hence butt or ass wipe. Depending on how the Bumbacot is delivered can gauge the caliber of conversation, I like to mention it because it's funny and you will more than likely here it in your travels.

Jamaica has more churches per capita than any other place on earth - so they say all i can say is thier are a lot and it's very cool to see people in their Sunday's best attendinga service that is alive with music and spirit.