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Things to Do-Excursions

My vision for Blackrock was to cater to those looking for a vacation that focused on pure relaxation with no schedules or agendas, creating an atmosphere that lends itself to rest in a peaceful environment. The property offers a very unique experience providing the beautiful vistas of the cliff with easy access to a private beach and an incredible back drop of the private gardens. So taking in to consideration all this setting has to offer there are a host of activities to keep engaged without leaving the property.

On the other hand for those wanting to venture out Jamaica is a beautiful country with plenty to discover. We will make for the very best hosts to introduce these places to you if you want to venture out. As part of your stay we will recommend and introduce you to Frenchman’s cove and their spectacular private beach that offers a rare opportunity to swim in fresh water and the ocean at the same location. While the property has been let go seemingly since the 70’s it has some modern infrastructure including a restaurant which serves up an excellent lunch.

I also recommend a trip down the Rio Grande in a bamboo raft – one of cooler things to do in our area. Originally the rafts were used to transport Bananas out of the various plantations to Port Antonio’s harbor for export. Over time things changed and the transport of Bananas turned to rafting tours with the influence of Errol Flynn a famous Hollywood star. The guided tour offers an opportunity to take in the sites with a stop along the way to enjoy some authentic Jamaican cuisine and take a nice swim in the beautiful river.

Whatever the sights and destinations you feel will make your vacation yours we will provide all that is necessary to get you to and from in a safe and comfortable fashion.

Some of the possibilities for your consideration in our Parish that will make for great day trips:

Boston Beach is just a quick ride down the road and Clement's home town as well as home to the Boston Jerk center undisputedly the best jerk on the island and considered birthplace to the jerk seasoning that the island is famous for. A visit here is an assault on the senses with both the fantastic smells of what cooking and the hustle and bustle of the street venders. The Beach has undergone a major renovation in 2015 bringing life back into this public beach featuring crystal clear waters and waves that has surfers descending upon this bay from all over. You will undoubtedly drive by more than once and worth a stop on one of those drives especially for a piece of jerk chicken.

The Blue Lagoon is just a short distance away and is the largest of the islands spring feed lagoons local legend has it that it has no bottom. Made famous by the movie Blue Lagoon staring Brooke Shields it has become a very popular destination for those who travel to this area. Scenes from Cocktail starring Tom Cruise were also filmed  at the Blue Hole as the local refer to it. The cold mountain water entering the warm ocean make for a invigorating experience legend has it that each time you swim in the magical waters you add a day to your life.

Reach Falls also situated in close proximity to the property is located on Drivers River and truly an incredible spot the water is crystal clear and the scenery is something to behold. Basic guided tour are available with an opportunity to do some cliff jumping and swimming.

Summerset Falls another amazing destination with a rich history set around a former spice plantation. This destination can make for a full day retreat with plenty of things to do and see including natural caves, diverse wildlife and of course the Falls from the cascading Daniels River. A restaurant/jerk center which also features a swim up bar can add to the excursion incorporating lunch while taking in the history and scenery.

The list goes on not having mention the majestic blue mountains, other beaches and land marks. If your idea of vacation is being on the move, rest assured we will make the experience even more enjoyable knowing you have a trusted local to enhance your experience.